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Personalised Finance for everyday People

Need specialised advice on your finances? Let our experienced financial professionals help. Our Melbourne’s West team specialise in providing a suite of quality financial services to help you make smarter financial decisions. We apply our expertise to your unique circumstances, offering tailored advice on rewarding loans and finance options.


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Planning home purchases

Thinking about buying your first home but not sure where to start? Understanding the range of financial options available to you can be challenging. At Ruahine Finance, we’ll help you understand the ins and outs of getting the first home of your dreams. Providing expert advice, our specialised first home financial professionals discuss what you need for your first home and how to get you there.

Home loans

Buying a home or investment property is an exciting milestone in your life. Ensure you make the right decision for your needs by enlisting the services of our experienced financial professionals. We look at your whole situation and can provide a range of options for your home loan, but maybe reduce some other debts you might have.

Car loans

Investing in a new set of wheels? Let us help you out. Our financial and loan professionals will provide you with all the information you need to take out the right loan for your upcoming car purchase. We’re able to provide specialised financing and loan advice for late model cars.
Don’t fall for a 1 or 2% rate some dealers offer, you can’t get 1-2% for a home loan, so don’t believe that a car yard can.
Get a Pre-approval first, then haggle for a great price on the Car & Accessories you want.